TruVision Health Event


Hello again! Today I am writing to tell you about the live TruVision Health event I attended Saturday March 19 2016. I had the privilege to meet in person some of the people I have got to know online. Some of these people are dear friends, I met through my group in TruVision Health. We have a support group that is ever growing in members, knowledge, and wealth. We get to know each other on a personal level by helping each other through our struggles with weight loss, health issues, physical motivation,  inspiration through personal testimony, and meeting financial goals through sharing TruVision with other people.

I have created this website to share TruVision Health with YOU!! To use a metaphor I heard last Saturday, “If I had the cure for cancer, I would share it with the world. I would not sleep, I would even hold my pee for fear someone would not learn of this.” Well this is not a cure for cancer, it is a great line of products that help with nearly every aspect of your health. It is that important to me, I want to share it with the world. This site was designed to give you knowledge of our products and links to my business website so you can easily order our products. Unfortunately my business website is a little bit difficult to navigate so here you can get links to follow that will take you directly to the page you are looking for.

I have gone back through my posts on this website to give you some additional information. Of course if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. You can always reach me on FaceBook at or you can look me up as Martina Hernandez. Please send questions through private message and I will answer them usually within the day. My front page of this website has a great video  which explains TruVision Health as well as how to get your 7.5 day combo, just to see if it works for you. That page is, About Inspirational Weight Loss. If you would like to view the products and what each of them do, go to, Meet the TruVision Health Family of Products. If you would like to print out The New Gen2 Ingredients and take it to your doctor or pharmacist. Here is a detailed explanation how our weight loss combo works at, Introducing TruFix and Tru Weight & Energy. Here are some great Inspirational Picture Quotes, some I found online and some are ones I thought of. There are many more pages of helpful tips, quotes, inspiration, and knowledge on this site. This site is absolutely FREE for you to use as much as you want, so bookmark it and visit often.

Above all I want to share this line of products with as many people as possible. Please share this page on your social media to get the word out. The TruVision Weight Loss Combo Has helped me and my family beyond words. My fiance has posted his testimonial here at TruVision Health Testimonial, for you to see how it is helping him. I am sure it will work wonders for you too. Once you have tried it and seen the results please write me and let me know what you think, and if you like I will post your testimonial as well.