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Hi, my name is Brian. I am Martina’s Husband. Martina is an independent associate with TruVision Health and she has been taking the TruWeight & Energy and TruFix Combo for several months. I have noticed a big improvement in her weight and increased health and energy. She mentioned it might help me too.

Here is a little bit about me. I am a Veteran who served in Iraq and sustained a severe neck injury while I was there. After I returned home I was in a vehicle accident caused by my neck injury, I blacked out behind the wheel. I was lucky to have survived the accident. I was disabled and unable to work due to my injuries. I was also diagnosed with high cholesterol while going to the VA Hospital for rehabilitation therapy. The doctors put me on medication for the cholesterol.

A short list of my injuries include broken back, neck injury, compound fracture to left tibia, split skull, dislocated right shoulder along with some minor injuries. I thought my days in the Army and working as I knew it were done. I wasn’t sure I would ever fully recover from that accident. Well it’s been a long and hard road to recovery but I am happy to say I’M BACK! I have been on TruVision Health Combo same as Martina for about 3 weeks now. After a year and a half of not working I am back to work. I have the energy and stamina to keep up with the younger guys at work, which surprised me greatly.

I owe a great deal of thanks to TruVision for helping me get back into shape so quickly. I also have quit taking the medication for high cholesterol. My doctor says I no longer need it and wants to know my secret. I told her it is TruVision TruFix that I have started taking. The TruFix helps with every system in the body through balancing the blood chemistry. The TruWeight & Energy does exactly what it implies. It has given me sustained energy throughout the day and I now have increased focus as well. Even though I did not have much weight to lose I have lost weight, more than that, I am noticing increased strength and stamina.

I encourage anyone to give this a try whether you are a man or woman, if you want to lose weight or just get in better shape. It has definitely helped Martina and I physically. We are better off financially since I am back to work. By the way I have a very physical job, I do lawn and tree work for a living. Not exactly what you might think after being disabled for so long. TruVision Health has been a blessing to me as I know it will be for you. To get yours just click any of the links above or click here.

Thank you for reading my testimonial and I hope it brings you some inspiration and motivation. Brian.


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