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Are you tired of spend time, energy, and money on weight loss products or fad diets that just don’t work? Most of the diet pills out there can make you lose weight, they just are not good for you, they actually are bad for you. See my post on, Diet Pill Or TruVision Health Weight Loss Combo for more information.

We are experiencing rapid growth in our company along with many health and weight loss testimonials. I know this works because I have tried many ways to lose weight including diets,walking, training with a professional trainer and many more. All of which I met a plateau, I just could not reach my goal weight. This actually works without those expensive prepared meals, going to the gym and killing myself. I would never take diet pills or those energy drinks, both of which are sending people to the emergency room. Those energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine and advertise as a sports drink. Would you drink a pot of coffee before going to the gym? It is unhealthy to intake caffeine in large doses mainly because it dehydrates you.

I have lost weight, gained sustained energy, focus, and overall better health with TruVision Health Tru Weight Loss Combo. As of December 1st we now have the improved Tru Weight & Energy Gen2. The combo was designed to be taken together to maximize weight loss and improve health, which consists of Tru FIX and Tru WEIGHT & ENERGY. I recommend you look at The New Tru WEIGHT & ENERGY GEN2 ingredients list and print it out to take to your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any medications. I have not seen any evidence that this product reacts adversely with any medications but it is better to be safe.

There are several options to get your product. You can order from my website at You can order wholesale as a customer, you can get 10% off as a prefered customer, or you can become an associate and receive 20% off wholesale.

If you would like to try it before you place your order, I can send you a 7.5 day starter pack for $25 free shipping. Email me Martina at and let me know you would like a starter pack and I will email you back to confirm and get your address to send it. If you have any questions you can Email me or inbox me on Facebook at

Happy Holidays From My Family To Yours, Martina