If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You


If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You! In order for you to expect different results you must do something different. Okay, remember when we were kids? We would go outside and play, swim, ride bikes, hula hoop, jump rope. Do you think you can still do those things? YES YOU CAN! You don’t have to do it as fast or as good as you once did but think of it. Are you afraid it will make you look foolish? I say SO WHAT! It will not only burn more calories but it will make you remember what it is like to be young. Change your mind, change your body.

Today we have much more technology. With that technology comes much responsibility, both good and bad. We can focus on the bad on such things as computer hackers, identity theft, and the list goes on. I think the worst part of all this technology is that we don’t move as much as we used to. The kids these days mostly come home from school and go online with YouTube or Netflix, Hulu, play video games or just watch TV. I believe the kids are smarter with the existence of this technology but it does no good to exercise the brain if the body is paying the price. We as adults are also falling into the same routines. Our metabolic rates are slowing down as we get older therefore we must do something different and challenge ourselves.

Now lets focus on the GOOD that technology has brought to us. We are now scientifically advanced so we know more about the body and its systems. Technology has brought us TruVision Health. Now we can take 2 pills twice a day, drink water, and walk for 25 -30 minutes and reverse years of harm we have done to our body’s. tru WEIGHT & ENERGY and truFIX have a cumulative effect, meaning it builds up in your body and is more effective over time. You will notice your energy levels increase dramatically and it will speed up you metabolic rate so you will burn energy (fat) more efficiently. truFIX focus is on blood chemistry and benefits every system in the body.It benefits blood sugar, lower cholesterol, healthy liver functions and more improving your general health. These products are meant to be taken togeather and the results will amaze you. In conclusion this is technology meant to improve lives. Get more benefits by challenging yourself. GET UP and go outside for a walk or just HAVE FUN!

This article was written by Brian Cichowicz and are not necessarily the views of Martina or TruVision Health.